Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an authorized dealer, how do I buy product from the online store?

All authorized dealers must register at (or click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner) before being able to purchase products through the Celerity Online Store. Once registered and approved a dealer will receive a confirmation email giving them full access to pricing and purchasing of Celerity Technologies products.

Why is a Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI cable better than a copper cable?

Fiber optics work better for sending digital signals which include audio, video and data information. These signals travel faster and farther without degradation over fiber optics.

Will Celerity Connectors work with any MPO fiber optic cable?

It is highly recommended that fiber optic cable be ordered directly from Celerity.
MPO multi-mode compatible fiber optic cables (Type-A) from 3rd party manufacturers may work with Celerity Connectors, however, due to technical differences in manufacturing, some 3rd party fiber optic cables (Type-B and single-mode fiber optic cables) will not work with Celerity Connectors. If a 3rd party fiber optic cable with MPO is pre-installed and Celerity Connectors are not working, please contact Celerity directly for technical support at 949.453.9988 for assistance in resolving the problem.

What do you recommend to improve fiber pre-wire pulling results?

We recommend these important best practices:
• Ensure the UFO Cable protective caps are in place at both ends. Apply a small, tight wrap of electrical tape around the protective cap to secure.
• Use a fiber pulling sleeve. Follow the pulling eye instructions and secure the Celerity UFO Cable with electrical tape 1” inch from the connector and extend taping 2” in length along the fiber jacket.
• Use a fiber push-pull tool attached to the pulling sleeve ring. If a pulling sleeve is not practical, use electrical tape affixed to the jacket of the UFO Cable as noted. Carefully pull or push and swivel the tool so the fiber moves unobstructed through the conduit. Swiveling the tool helps to maneuver the fiber and through bends in the conduit.
• For fiber pulling where concern for resistance exists, use a fiber lubricant. Pay careful attention to the application technique and amount of lubricant to the fiber.

What care must be taken for the connector ends?

• Do not remove the rubber protective caps on the connectors before pulling the fiber and making component connections.
• Use an air blower to ensure the connector ends are clean before making connections.
• Do not touch the connector ends.

Is USB power required at the TX (source) location?

It is optional and a rare instance when this is required. An HDMI source output connector provides 5V 55mA or greater power on the HDMI connector. Celerity TX draws power from this connection. However, in rare cases where insufficient power may be supplied, connecting the TX USB connector to a power source may be required.

What type of USB-AC power adapter should be used when connecting the USB to AC power?

The required specification is 5V 1000mA, 50/60Hz 120-240VAC. An example of this is the USB-AC adapter for the Apple iPhone.

Where can I purchase a correct USB-AC adapter?

Future Ready Solutions – Power Adapter USB-AC-5V/1A

Do all USB ports on displays and projectors supply 5V power?

No. Be sure to connect the Celerity RX USB 5V cable to a USB port that is labeled on the device as supplying 5V power. If a USB port is not marked in this manner, it may not supply continuous 5V power. Check the user manual of the device for further details.

Why is it required to connect USB 5V power for RX but not required for TX?

HDMI input connectors on displays and projectors are not designed to support 5V power as HDMI output connectors on source components are. Therefore the power for Celerity RX must be supplied via USB 5V or, using a USB-AC adapter, a connection to AC power.

Why is power not sent over a Celerity cable?

Celerity fiber optic cables utilize only glass fibers which cannot transfer power. The use of all glass fibers maximizes the picture quality and HDMI control signals and power provision via 5V source and 5V display USB provides the most reliable power.

What do the connector LEDs indicate?

The blue LED at the TX connector will be on when the connector is plugged into a powered source. The blue LED on the RX connector will turn on when both the HDMI and the USB are connected to a powered display. If the HDMI is not connected to a TV/projector/display port, the blue LED on the RX connector won't turn on.

Can I add a copper HDMI cable to the TX or RX end of a Celerity Fiber Optic cable?

Celerity recommends that our cables are connected directly between a source and display for best results. Celerity cannot guarantee the performance and specifications when a copper HDMI cable is used with Celerity fiber optic cables.

Can I use a 90º HDMI female to male right angle adapter with a Celerity Fiber Optic cable?

Celerity recommends that our cables are connected directly between a source and display for best results. Celerity cannot guarantee the performance and specifications when an HDMI adapter or coupler is used with Celerity fiber optic cables.

Are Celerity Fiber Optic cables subject to interference?

No. Interference from appliances, wireless devices, computers and other home and business electronics will not affect Celerity Fiber Optics. For professional installations, Celerity may be installed alongside other other cabling in riser, or plenum spaces and in wire raceways and wire trays.

Are Celerity Fiber Optic cables durable?

Yes. They are actually quite strong. Inside the cable jacket is a woven layer of very strong yarn to provide durability and pulling strength. The yarn, known as "strength members", is made of aramid (commonly known as Kevlar) and protects the optical glass fibers. Pulling strength for Celerity fiber optic cables is 60 pounds.

What is the bend radius for Celerity Fiber Optic cables?

The bend radius is 5mm (0.2") which is approximately the diameter of a pencil.

Does Celerity work with MacBook Pro 2019?

Yes. Connect an Apple USB-C to Digital AV Multiport Adapter to any of the USB 3 ports on the MacBook Pro. Connect the Celerity HDMI cable (T) to the HDMI port on the adapter and connect the Celerity USB power cable to the USB port on the adapter.

Does Celerity work with the AppleTV?

Yes. Connect the Celerity HDMI cable (T) to the HDMI port on the AppleTV and connect the Celerity USB power cable to the USB port on the AppleTV.