• Celerity Technologiesʼ Fiber Optic Gateway
  • Celerity Technologiesʼ Fiber Optic Gateway

Celerity Technologies Fiber Optic Gateway

HDMI high speed


Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway is no longer available as we will introduce a new Fiber Optic Gateway product line later this year. The features, specifications, and shipping date will be announced at a later date. We will continue to offer in-warranty support on current FOG products.
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Fiber Optic HDMI & Multiple Control Signals

Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway (FOG) is a breakthrough for high definition, long distance distribution of AV and control signals over fiber optic cable. HDMI, RS232, IR, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and USB are supported up to 1000 feet over a single Celerity fiber optic cable. The combination of these functions in one connection device with fiber optic connectivity provides superior performance, bandwidth and flexibility for AV professionals to design and install high performance content and control signal distribution systems.

Supporting 4K@60Hz HDMI performance, Celerity FOG delivers 100% pure signal integrity from point to point at exceptional speed. Ultra HDMI for high definition video and multi-channel audio; IR transmission for remote control; RS232 for system control; USB for KVM and other interactive applications; Ethernet to enable web browsing on an ultra high definition display from a computer; and IP system control can now all be supported with a single fiber optic cable and the Celerity Fiber Optic Wall Plate or the Celerity Fiber Optic Control Box.

Interchangeable for installation needs, the Control Box transmitter and receiver is a small footprint component that is easily mounted in equipment racks or behind a display, while the Wall Plate transmitter and receiver are a thin-depth (1.55"), single-gang Decora connection devices that are easily installed in walls, panels or furniture fixtures.




Control Box Specifications
Control Box User Guide
Control Wall Plate Specifications
Control Wall Plate User Guide

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Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box

In addition to the easily prewired cable solution, the Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box has been engineered specifically to assist installers in locating the FOG-CB wherever they need control system connections. Slightly more than .5" thin, each Celerity FOG-CB offers two mounting solutions for maximum flexibility in locating the boxes. Included with each FOG-CB are mounting brackets that securely snap onto the FOG-CB to provide mounting points for equipment racks, walls, cabinets or a variety of enclosures. For more discreet mounting, the FOG-CB is designed with two keyholes on the back to allow for installation on nearly any flat surface including directly behind a video display.


Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box

Fiber Optic Gateway Control Wall Plate

Providing the convenience of an architectural design for in-wall and recessed installations, the Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Wall Plates have been designed to provide a small footprint, thin-depth fiber optic wall plate connection point. Suitable for in-wall mounting behind components, and located at in-room connection panels for classrooms, conference rooms and fixtures such as lecterns and table boxes, the Celerity FOG-TXWP and FOG-RXWP offer versatility for installation requirements. With a mounting depth of only 1.55" (40mm) and a single Celerity mini digital connector on the interior side, the FOG-WP may be installed efficiently and without the need for on-site fiber terminations.


Fiber Optic Gateway Control Wall Plate

Fiber Optic Gateway Cable

2 Steps to Fiber Optic Control

A Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway cable, available from 35' to 1000' securely connects to the Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Control Box and Wall Plate transmitter and receiver via a mini digital connector. Just prewire and connect.

The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway Cable eliminates the time consuming and costly steps of fiber terminations. With Celerity FOG, only 2 steps are required – prewire and connect. Using the Celerity mini digital connector on each end of the fiber optic cable, a fast and secure connection is made to the transmitters and receivers. This saves time and ensures a perfect fiber connection is always available. The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway cable includes a small module at each end of the cable which supports the connection between the FOG components over the fiber. The small dimension of this module makes it easy to pull through conduit and concealed spaces. The Celerity Fiber Optic Gateway cable is plenum-rated to meet required safety specifications and building codes. The Celerity FOG Cable is available in lengths of 35' 40' 60' 80' 100' 160' 200' 500' and 1000'. Custom lengths may be special-ordered. Celerity FOG cables are sold separately from the FOG transmitters and FOG receivers.